With April being Autism Awareness Month, several PANDORA locations have teamed up with the Autism Cares Foundation to design and create a new charm. This special edition silver dangle charm features the logo of the Autism Cares Foundation and is guaranteed to add beauty to any PANDORA bracelet throughout Berks County, PA, and the surrounding areas. At PANDORA King of Prussia, we’ll have this charm available for purchase at our two stores located in the King of Prussia Mall, in the Plaza and the Court.

What is the Autism Cares Foundation?

The Autism Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded by parents in Pennsylvania who had a child with autism. The parents (Frank and Linda Kuepper) founded it along with other concerned parents, friends, and professionals. It was started to help others navigate the “puzzle” of autism. The founders understand how difficult it can be to find answers because with autism, answers are few, frustrations are many, and there are often few places to turn to for guidance. The Autism Cares Foundation is a place where people can turn to when they feel as though they need answers or even just loving support.

Since they began, the organization has provided more than 1,000 life enrichment activities, social interaction opportunities, and skill building programs for families with children, teens, or adults who have special needs.

Autism Cares Foundation 8th Annual Spring Gala

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the Autism Cares Foundation will be holding their 8th Annual Spring Gala. Being held at the Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland, PA, they’re encouraging people throughout the local areas to come out, have fun, and show support for those in need.

PANDORA King of Prussia

Whether you’re seeking PANDORA bracelets in Philadelphia, PA, or the Autism Cares Foundation charm, you can turn to our stores here at PANDORA King of Prussia. PANDORA has a mission to offer women across the world their own universe of high-quality, affordable, and unique jewelry. We understand that every woman has her own individual story to tell, so why not use PANDORA jewelry to help tell it?

To learn more about the charm made with the Autism Cares Foundation, give us a call at 484-348-4797 or 610-590-4428.