1. Your Go-To PANDORA Holiday Gift Guide

    Christmas will be here before you know it. Have you crossed off everything on your gift list? If not, don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for. PANDORA bracelet charms and other pieces from our King of Prussia locations (conveniently located near Berks County, PA, and the rest of the Philadelphia area) are perfect for every single special person in your life. Whether you need a gift for a friend, daughter, wife or mother, PANDORA has the right piece to say just what you’re thinking this Christmas. For Your Wife There are few pieces of jewelry more romantic than a locket. This heart-sha…Read More

  2. There’s a PANDORA Piece for Every You

    At PANDORA King of Prussia (with two locations in the Plaza and the Court), we’re all about helping you find, embrace and express #TheLookOfYou. PANDORA beads are a testament to your individuality and your passions. Whether you live in Montgomery County, PA, or the heart of Philadelphia, stop by PANDORA King of Prussia to explore our collection and discover your look. Need help deciding which you to express? Are you feeling nostalgic, glamming up - or trying to get the best deals on gifts for your loved ones? Whether it’s one or all of the above, PANDORA King of Prussia has just what you…Read More

  3. The PANDORA ESSENCE Collection: As Unique as You Are

    From day one, PANDORA has opened a world of personalization for its wearers, crafting timelessly elegant pieces perfect for expressing your individual style. Expressing on a purely aesthetic level, but also communicating what you hold dear. It’s a means of showing it off to the world but also holding it close to your heart. PANDORA has designed a particularly special collection meant to truly capture the core of who you are as a person - what you value the most, how you live your life and what carries you through the day. The ESSENCE collection of delicate, hand-finished necklaces, bracelets…Read More

  4. Your Go-To Guide to Buying Pandora Charms

    PANDORA charms have captivated millions of wearers worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. These delicate pieces, crafted with finely-wrought metals and glimmering gems, are timeless keepsakes, perfect for expressing your style while keeping what you love most close to your heart. Whether you’re new to the PANDORA universe or a devoted fan, read this guide to get the most out of your purchase. Buy Only from Authorized Retailers Like any recognizable brand, PANDORA has, unfortunately, encountered its fair share of counterfeiters over the years. Retailers hawking counterfeit PANDORA charms may …Read More

  5. How to Spot a Fake PANDORA Charm Part 2

    Knowing how to spot fake PANDORA charms will ensure that you always get what you pay for.  One way to ensure that you get authentic PANDORA jewelry is to always shop with an official PANDORA jewelry retailer. However, it is important that you know which markings to look for that indicate authenticity. In our last blog, we went over a couple of common markings to look for. Keep reading to learn more: #3. Look for 585 for gold PANDORA jewelry  The 585 marking is an international standard, and it is required for all jewelry pieces made from 14k gold. The marking is 585, because all 14k gold has…Read More

  6. How to Spot a Fake PANDORA Charm

    PANDORA jewelry charms are increasingly popular, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.  That is probably why many fake PANDORA charms are in circulation today. Unfortunately, many of these knock-offs can be pretty convincing, and to ensure that you are actually getting what you paid for, you need to be able to tell the difference. The following is a list of tips that will help you spot a fake PANDORA jewelry charm in King of Prussia: #1. Check for the ALE marking. PANDORA engraves many distinct markings on their jewelry that can be used to distinguish fake charms from the real thing. The mos…Read More

  7. Mi Moneda Pendants

    Urban Fusion in the King of Prussia Mall is known for carrying Pandora jewelry, but we also carry jewelry by a number of highly esteemed jewelry designers. One of these lines is by Mi Moneda. We carry pendants by Mi Moneda that are based on ancient coins. How They Are Worn These versatile coin pendants work within a system that is highly flexible. Some pendants have a backing with a metal lace-like structure to hold the pendant in place. Others, such as the Mi Moneda Deluxe Sterling Silver Pendant Medium  have a small hinge at the bottom. The coin fits snugly into this frame and the frame pen…Read More

  8. Birthday Blooms Earrings

    Pandora Jewelry is available at Urban Fusion in the King Of Prussia Mall. We carry the full line of Pandora jewelry and have something to please everyone.  Most women have a weak point when it comes to jewelry, a special place in their hearts for a particular type of shiny bauble. Know that point, and you will have a way into her heart! For millennia, women (well, all people but in our time, mostly women) have loved to wear earrings. They are fun and communicate something to the observer about the character, personality, and status of the wearer. We have Pandora earrings to fit just about eve…Read More

  9. Your Charm Links You To The Past

    Charms have been around for thousands of years, and their usage is as varied as the people who wore them. They first appeared around 75,000 ears ago in Africa, and they were originally made out of shells, animal bones and sculpted pieces of clay. Ancient Egyptians wore them as identification and as talismans to attract luck and display faith. They also identified the wearer to gods in the afterlife. In the Roman Empire, Christians initially wore tiny fish charms hidden in their clothing. This helped identify them to other Christians. During more modern times, Queen Victoria often wore charms, …Read More

  10. More Jewelry Buying Tips for Men

    Buying jewelry isn't always easy for men.  It can be difficult to find the right jewelry for the woman in your life, and that is why, in our last blog, we went over a few jewelry buying tips for men. If you haven't read it already, now is a great time! Keep reading to learn more helpful tips for buying jewelry: #3. Make it personal. Don't just settle for any old gift, find her something a little more personal. One of the best options out there when you want to find her something with sentimental value is a bracelet with PANDORA jewelry charms. There are PANDORA charms for every occasion, ever…Read More