At one time, it wasn’t so desirable to wear more than one necklace or bracelet at a time, but oh how things have changed! Today, layering is a hot fashion trend. In fact, many people choose to layer many bracelets on their wrist. Bangles are especially popular, but you can mix and match just about any style. But how do you avoid looking like a small child who just threw on all of mom’s jewelry? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose different materials. Don’t stick to just one type of metal — in fact, you don’t need to stick with just metal. Mix bracelets made of leather, beads, ribbon, silver, and gold. The difference in textures will add visual interest to your outfit.
  • Vary the thicknesses. Try not to have all of your bracelets be the same width. Even a slight variance in thickness will create a sense of movement and look more exciting.
  • Have fun! One of the best things about layering is that there are not set rules to follow. Choose as many different bracelets as you like and rock your personal style!

Need some inspiration to get started? We’ve selected two sets of three bracelets each to give you some ideas to build your own unique look.

Look 1: Classic and elegant; perfect for a night on the town
uf-kop-feb-1Featured bracelets, from left to right: Pave Square Coiled Bangle, by CRISLU; Sparkling Bow Bracelet Clear CZ, by PANDORA; and Galaxy Melted Bangle Gold White CZ, by Mi Moneda.

Each of these three bangles features just a hint of sparkle with clear crystals. The combination of silver and gold colors will work with just about any outfit and match your other jewelry. Try adding another PANDORA bracelet for your Philadelphia, PA night out.

Look 2: Boho chic; ideal for everyday wear

uf-kop-feb-2Featured bracelets, from left to right: Chain Silver Crystals with Wine Red Ribbon, by The Paris Bracelet; Earth Swarovski Crystal Bangle, by Wind & Fire; and Tied Bracelet Granate Colored Leather, by UNO de 50.

These bracelets are fun and casual, mixing ribbon, beads, and leather. The deep, vibrant pinks and multicolored beads pull the whole look together.

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